Geranium Hydrosol

Geranium hydrosol has analgesic, antibacterial, penetrates into the woven scar, enhances the cell defense function, deodorization, hemostasis, and other effects; Suitable for all skin, deep purification and convergence effect, balance sebum secretion; Promote the regeneration of skin cells, repair scars, stretch marks.

Product Details

Geranium hydrosol is originally produced in South Africa, now the planting area has Arabia, China, Egypt. Vulgar has “small rose,” said, taste close to rose.

Value of PH of geranium pure dew is in 4.9-5.2 between, suits any age to use, oily, acne, the pore is coarse and sensitive skin is qualitative.

Product Parameters:

Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
Extract: flower
Shelf life: 24 months

Content Of Essential Oil In Geranium Hydrosol:

geranium hydrosol 4


1. The color of this product is slightly different due to different carriers or batches, which does not affect product quality.
2. Please use it as soon as possible after opening the package.
3. In the process of transportation, measures such as moisture-proof and sun-proof should be adopted.
The transportation means should be clean and hygienic, and it is forbidden to mix and transport with toxic and harmful substances.
Storage conditions and methods: The product should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse, and must not be mixed with toxic substances.