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Fetal Bovine Liver Extract Drying Powder

Fetal Bovine Liver Extract drying Powder is made of the fresh fetal beef liver as raw material, which contains polypeptide, amino acid, and nucleic acid. This product can promote protein synthesis, reduce protein decomposition, promote normal liver cell proliferation and regeneration; it is suitable for the adjuvant treatment of alcoholic liver, fatty liver, chronic hepatitis, and cirrhosis.

Product Details

Product Parameters:

Properties: light yellow or light yellow-brown clear dry powder;
Molecular weight: below 6KD
Identification: Add ninhydrin to heat purple;
PH value: 5.5-7.5;
Protein: the addition of sulfosalicylic acid does not produce turbidity;
Polypeptide content: above 58%
Shelf life: 36 months


1. The color of this product is slightly different due to different carriers or batches, which does not affect product quality.
2. Please use it as soon as possible after opening the package.
3. In the process of transportation, measures such as moisture-proof and sun-proof should be adopted.
The transportation means should be clean and hygienic, and it is forbidden to mix and transport with toxic and harmful substances.
Storage conditions and methods: The product should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse, and must not be mixed with toxic substances.